The 3rd World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Italian Hearing Voices Network.

Living with Voices, Paths to Recovery

Intervoice Day 1 September, Congress 2 & 3 September 2011

Savona, Italy

Congress Presentations

Robin Timmers wrote a summary of the congress. You can access it here:

Download: Congress Programme – English


Rina van der Voorde (Holland)

Kate Crawford (England)

Kelly Bayley (Australia)

Marina Lykovounioti (Greece)

Elisabeth Svanholmer (Denmark)

Catherine McGroggan (Ireland)

Glenda Piona (Italy)


Paul Baker (England) – Recovery of professionals – Recovery of operators

Ron Coleman (Scotland) – Recovery of voice hearers – Recovery of the hearers

Roberto Pezzano & Laura dowels; Hearing Voices Network Italy (Italy) – Recovery of family members – Recovery of family

Irene van de Giessen & Suzanne Engelen (Holland) – Recovery factors from the voice hearer perspective – What is needed to healing: the dell’uditore perspective

Ros Bowyer; Richmond Fellowship Western Australia (Australia) – Voices at work: a program to support voice hearers in getting a job – “Voices at work”: probation experience in the working world of hearing voices

Rachel Waddingham (England) – Working creatively: developing hearing voices groups for young people – Working creatively: build self-help groups for young listeners

Peter Bullimore (England) – Starting a paranoid self help group and understanding the experience – Activate a group of self-help on the paranoia and understand the experience

Silvana Benaglia, Livia De Renzis, Gloria Zanni, John Ficarelli, Stefano Cavallini, Micaela Pratella, Anna Maria Biffi, Ileana From Home; HV groups from Milan, Imola and Reggio Emilia (Italy) – Start up of an HV group: within / outside / close to the mental health services – Activate a group of self-help listeners: inside / outside / next to health services mental

Ken Rosenthal (USA) – Crooked Beauty (the recovery journey of Jacks McNamara) – Imperfect Beauty (the journey toward healing Jacks McNamara)

“In the open air ‘Association (Italy) -” Norma’s Condo “; Live theater with voices – “The Norma apartment building”; A theater with the voices

Dirk Corstens (Holland) – Eighty constructs, what do they tell? – “Constructs”: what do they tell us?

Jacqui Dillon & Eleanor Longden (England) – Trauma, dissociation and voices – Trauma, Dissociation and voices

Pino Pini et al. (Italy) – Hearing Voices Group of Prato: an evaluation project – The auditors of Prato entries Group: hypothesis of valuation of assets

John Watkins (Australia) – Unshrinking psychosis: understanding and healing the wounded soul – For a non-restrictive view of psychosis: understanding and heal the spirit wounded

Will Hall & Oryx Cohen (USA) – Coming off medication: an harm reduction approach – Reduce and stop the drugs: an approach based on harm reduction

Sandra Escher (Holland) – Children who hear voices – children hearing voices

Cristina Contini & Franca Errani (Italy) – Beyond coping: the dialogue with the voices – Dall’affrontamento to dialogue with the voices

Samuel Ruggiero & Elizabeth Berta (Italy) – Relaxation techniques and yoga for voice hearers – Relaxation techniques and yoga for listeners

Rufus May (England), Alessandra Santoni & Marcello Macario (Italy) – Talk with aggressive voices – Talk to the aggressive voices

Ros Thomas; Gateway Community Health (Australia) – Working with young people who hear voices: early intervention in the community – Working with young hearing voices: early intervention in the community